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Tradingview Timeframe Switcher AutoHotKey Script (Windows Only)

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A simple and convenient AutoHotKey script for traders so you can quickly switch between their favorite timeframes in TradingView using the function keys on your keyboard without wasting time clicking on the timeframes or manually typing them in!

This is hands down my favorite tool for saving time when doing chart analysis and for trading the live market using Tradingview!

Customizable so you can quickly flip through your favourite timeframes, just simply open the script with notepad and change to the timeframe you would normally type into TradingView corresponding to the function key you want to bind it to!

**Note: AutoHotKey is required to use this script. You can download AutoHotKey for Windows systems for free here:

Credits & Licensing

Built By @coldwaterfx

Last updated: May 5th, 2022

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The TradingView Timeframe Hotkey AutoHotKey Script.

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Tradingview Timeframe Switcher AutoHotKey Script (Windows Only)

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